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In today‚Äôs modern homes, many times the living area is spacious and multifunctional. Rather than closed off areas, the kitchen is often open to the dining area and living room. Then again, you may be living in a home with condensed square footage, such as a condo or town home, which precludes an area dedicated […]

No doubt you are aware that our lives, homes, and lifestyles have changed drastically over the last several years. Not only did we go through a pandemic, but many of us started working from home and that caused a major shift in how we think about and use our space. One of those areas in […]

Small and older homes often do not have a separate dining room. Some homeowners see this as a blessing and others as a curse. How you design the space you do have makes all the difference. Try these eat in kitchen design tips to transform your space into a showpiece regardless of size or age. […]

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