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This year the 2021 Milan Furniture Fair, or the Salone del Mobile, took place in early September. Each year the Furniture Fair includes exhibitions which feature Italian and international furniture products with a focus on upcoming commercial and home design forecast. The 2021 Milan Furniture Fair showcase of future dining trends included sustainable products, light and […]

What is a cozy and intimate way to create a dining area in an area of small square footage? The answer is banquette seating. The space saving design of built-in benches is the perfect solution for transforming a corner of the kitchen, an intimate alcove or the area beneath a bay window. But what type […]

When it comes to designing a delicious dining room – one where you are visually invited to sit, relax and enjoy a meal – the details count. We invite you to read through our tips for creating a stunning dining room that revolves around a dining set that perfectly matches your style and your home’s […]

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