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Barstools are often relegated to kitchens and home bars, perched expectantly beside countertops, waiting for cocktail hour. But their potential stretches far beyond the realm of mixing drinks and chatting with friends. Barstools, these often sleek and stylish seating solutions, can be the secret weapon in your home décor arsenal, injecting unexpected functionality and a […]

When it comes to refreshing your dining room, have you thought about a counter height table? Although most homeowners opt for a traditional, standard chair height dining set, there is no need to be limited to this size alone. Here are our tips and ideas for styling your home with a counter height dining table, […]

No doubt you are aware that our lives, homes, and lifestyles have changed drastically over the last several years. Not only did we go through a pandemic, but many of us started working from home and that caused a major shift in how we think about and use our space. One of those areas in […]

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