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When it comes to refreshing your dining room, have you thought about a counter height table? Although most homeowners opt for a traditional, standard chair height dining set, there is no need to be limited to this size alone. Here are our tips and ideas for styling your home with a counter height dining table, […]

Just let the term “breakfast nook” roll off your tongue and it instantly evokes an image of a cozy, intimate place to share a morning cup of joe with your partner while watching the trees sway outside, bathed in the flow of a golden sunrise. And that’s exactly what your home’s breakfast nook design should […]

One choice you have when shopping for a dining set is the height of the table and chairs. For many of our customers, countertop height tables and pub tables are preferred for a number of reasons. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are leaning toward a taller dining set for […]

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