Category: Dining Room Design

What’s new and current in dining room design trends this year? If you are planning to upgrade or remodel your dining space, then you will surely be interested in these latest dining room trends taking a firm hold in 2022. In this first installment of a two-part series, we examine the newest ways to incorporate […]

Is the area where you and your family gather to share a meal a bit less than spacious? Luckily, it does not require a lot of square footage to create a cozy and comfortable dining room. Whether you are using part of an eat-in kitchen, a nook in the living room, a designated dining room […]

Does your dining room look or feel as if it is missing something? The ideal dining room of course has a dining table and seating, but what about all the nice extras that make it easier to serve and accommodate all your guests? Here are a few suggestions for furnishing a functional dining room complete […]

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