11 Jan

Dining Rooms are the Easiest to Decorate

With the new year firmly in place, you may have plans to update the interior of your home. It can be hard to decide where to start. If you are not overly confident in your interior design skills, we suggest that you start with the dining room. After all, dining rooms are the easiest to decorate. Here are the reasons why this is a great room with which to begin your home renovation projects.


Start with a Simple Formula


Whether your dining space is a full-fledged room or just an area off the kitchen or living room, it follows basic rules for decorating. The dining room design formula is this:

Table and Chairs + Lighting = Dining Room

Of course, you can add more to the formula if you wish. A rug that anchors the dining set is always a popular addition, as are sideboards or buffets, table centerpiece and artwork. But the focal point of the space is always the dining table and chairs, so that is the best place to start.


Be sure to allow enough room between the table (pictured here is the gorgeous Mitchell extension solid wood dining table) and the wall for guests to comfortably seat themselves.


Just be sure that the pieces you choose fit the space with enough room to walk around each side when all the diners are in place. We have a handy dining room measuring guide which you can read here to help you figure out the proper dimensions.


Choose Your Style


When starting with the dining table and chairs, first decide what style you prefer and how it will fit into your existing space and décor. For instance, if your dining area is spare and minimal, you may want to opt for a big dining set that makes a grand statement against the bare backdrop. Something hefty and crafted from solid wood is always a good choice but you may also opt for pieces that are full of scrolled and intricate designs. Sculptural pieces reminiscent of an organic motif is a trend that began a few years ago and continues to be hot.


This transitional dining set is both modern and traditional in its style making it perfect for nearly any type of decor.


Mid-century modern is a classic and perennial favorite, especially great in San Diego area homes. Then again, if you wish to select a style that is sure to stand the test of time, you cannot go wrong with transitional. Older homes are the perfect setting for more traditional dining room sets.

Whatever your style, be sure to browse through the options so you can get exactly what you desire.


Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match


A different style chair all the way round the dining table? Why not!


Dining rooms are the easiest to decorate – even when you decide to not go for matchy-matchy sets. Feel free to find the dining table of your dreams, then mix things up by selecting chairs from a different set. You can even choose to use two or more different styles of chairs to place around the table. There are no rules to dining room decorations when it comes to combining media, color and style; whatever look you love is perfectly fine. This is a great option when you already have a dining table that has been in your family for some time. Refinish it, if necessary, and add new chairs in a variety of styles to bring it into the 21st century.


Can you now see that dining rooms are the easiest to decorate, no matter what you have to work with in terms of space and style?

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