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Ordering a Dining Set Online By the Numbers

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At Casual Dining and Bar Stools, we know a lot of our customers prefer shopping for a new dining room table and chairs in person, so they can see it firsthand and envision how it will look in their own homes. But did you know that ordering a dining set online is as easy as doing a bit of math and perhaps taping the sections out on your floor? Here is our handy guide to how to measure for, pick, and order your next dining room table and chair set by the numbers.


How Much Space Do You Need?


Lucas round dining table and chair

When deciding how to measure for and pick a dining table, consider the appropriate dining table clearance dimensions to ensure that diners have adequate space to pull their chairs out or push them into the dining table.

The size of your dining room or dining area will determine the right dining table clearance dimensions when ordering a dining set online

3 = the number of feet needed around each side of the dining room table to give adequate room for diners to scoot their chairs out and in. You can see if there is enough space in your dining room by taking the measurements of the dining table you are considering and taping out those dining table clearance dimensions right in the middle of the floor where it will be placed. Then measure to the wall or other encumbrance, such as a fireplace, doorway, etc. If you’ve got 3 feet or more leftover, the dining table is a perfect fit.


How Many People Will It Seat?


Concord expandable dining table

Large dining room sets require large spaces, especially when the table is expandable, like this Concord dining table.

Worried that you won’t have enough room for the entire family to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner?

24 = the number of inches required between each place setting at the table. The measurement starts from the middle of one chair back to the next. So if you wish to fit three chairs on one side of the dining table, you will need a table of about 102” wide (to account for the space at each end). Again, using tape on the floor will help you visualize this measurement.


How High Will It Go?


Theo counter height table and stools

Counter height dining tables are higher than traditional dining tables.

Another consideration is the height of the table. Here are the numbers:

30 = the number of inches of a standard height dining table.

36 = inches high for a counter height dining table.

42 = the number of inches for a table that is labeled bar height.

19 = the standard height, in inches, of a typical dining chair. The actual number can range from 18 to 20 inches, however, so check the specific dimensions of the dining chairs you are considering. This is especially important when mixing and matching dining room tables and chairs from different collections.


Consider the Rug


Isabella dining set

Be sure that the rug you place underneath your dining set is large enough that the table doesn’t look like it is afloat on a small island.

If you already have a favorite rug that will anchor the style and colors in your dining room, you will want to make sure you know how big a rug should be under a dining table. You will want it to be between 24 and 36 inches larger on each side than the table. So take the width and length of the table and add a minimum 24 inches to each side – if your rug is at least that large, you’ve got the perfect combination.


Ordering a dining set online needn’t be worrisome. By knowing how to measure for and pick a dining table and adding up all the numbers ahead of time, you can be confident that the dining room table and chairs of your dreams will look just as lovely in your home as you pictured it.

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