21 Jul

Best Barstools for Those Who Love to Entertain Part I

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Are you someone who enjoys entertaining family and friends in your home or in your backyard? If hosting cocktail parties and holding birthday bashes is your idea of fun, one of the best ways to accommodate extra people is by adding bar stools in places where they are a good fit. But there are lots of different styles, sizes, heights and features. That is why we put together this guide on the best barstools for entertaining both indoors and out.


Size Matters


vincent swivel bar stools

These Vincent swivel barstools are counter height.


Before you begin shopping for the best barstools for entertaining, take the time to take good measurements of the area where they will reside. Getting the right height is crucial. If you are adding bar stools to a counter in the kitchen or dining area, you will probably need counter height stools, which are typically 24 – 26 inches tall. Bar or pub height stools are a bit taller, at 28 – 30 inches and are usually used with pub or bistro tables. If you have a specific, substandard height in mind, such as for an outdoor counter, you may need to custom order barstools. In any case, be sure there is about 10 inches from the seat to the underside of the counter or table.


swivel bar stool with arms

Winston swivel barstools feature arms and footrests which are comfortable but add to the width of the stool.


Width is another important measurement. You need to be sure that the number of barstools you want to add to a table or counter will all fit. Remember that features such as arms and footrests add to the overall width of each piece so ensure you have the exact measurements of each so there will be enough space for guests to get in and out of their seats with ease, about 8 to 10 inches or more.


Weighing In


Jaxon barstool

This Jaxon barstool is a great choice when accommodating larger people.


Another factor in choosing the best barstools for entertaining is the weight not only of the stool itself but the people who will be sitting in them. For instance, if your family is on the large side, a willowy stool on a narrow pedestal might not be the best choice. Heavier material, such as solid hardwood or metal with a wide base will more easily accommodate heavier guests but might be more difficult for children to slide in and out.


Eva swivel barstool

A lightweight barstool such as the Eva swivel bar stool is a good choice if you will be moving them often.


This brings us to the weight of the stool. If you plan on pulling the barstools in and out quite often or storing them when not in use, heavy models will be more difficult to deal with. In fact, if you will be storing them, you may want to opt for light and stackable stools made from acrylic and metal with a contemporary or Scandinavian style. The best barstools for entertaining will weigh between 10 – 25 pounds or so.


Where Will Your Barstools Go?


chase bar stool

A classic stool as this Chase barstool can be used inside or outside.


The best barstools for entertaining can often be used both indoors and outdoors. However, if you do want to add bar stools to your outdoor entertaining area, keep in mind that they should be made from a durable material and weigh on the heavier side, so they do not get blown away in the wind. Vinyl or plastic seats are good at standing up to weather, and a frame made from metal is both waterproof and easy care. If you wish to add cushions to the seats, opt for washable fabric since they will get dirty or simply cover them when not in use.


Before your next party, be sure to look for the best barstools for entertaining and also check out the second part of this guide, coming soon.

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