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Where Could You Use a Set of New Barstools

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Barstools are great pieces of furniture that can be used in many different ways and in many different rooms, both inside and out. You may not have even realized that you need a set of new barstools in your home, so we are here to remind you of all the ways they add a touch of style and functionality nearly anywhere.


Bar Stool History


By BrokenSphere – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3568662


Bar stools, obviously, were named for the establishments where they first took root. But did you know that in America, barstools were not used in taverns or saloons, but only in food establishments up until the beginning of the 20th century? Then along came Prohibition and everything about drinking alcohol changed. When Prohibition ended, American citizens were ready to belly up to the bar and order a frosty pint. Except…there were no stools. It wasn’t until an enterprising businessman decided to capitalize on the high demand for clean and safe saloons that stools were added to the bar, along with air conditioning and other amenities to attract not only men, but women, too.


Today Barstools are Everywhere


Now consumers can find a bevy of barstools at their favorite watering hole, restaurant, outdoor patio, garage, and many other sites. Barstools allow us to sit higher and view more, whether that’s at home or in a business. They take up less room than chairs (at least when they are armless) and can have sophisticated style or promote casual connections. That makes a set of new barstools a great addition to nearly any space.


These Nova swivel bar stools are comfortable and contemporary.


Sure, you know about having barstools in the kitchen, lined up at a counter or island. And many of us have counter or pub height dining tables that use bar stools in place of chairs. But there are plenty more places barstools just make sense.


Man Cave Comfy


Do you have a man cave or a she-shed? A set of new barstools will enhance the space, especially if it offers a pool table, games or sports. It is sure to be a popular place with your friends and hanging out together with bar stool seating is a natural.


Basement Buddy


How about a basement? When tricked out with a home bar, you need a set of new barstools to clearly define the room’s purpose. Or, if it functions more like a rec room, your teens are sure to love having bar stool seating that makes the space look fun and contemporary.


Garage Goodies


This Adam III Bar Stool would look great in a basement or garage.


If you enjoy tinkering in the garage, add a bar stool or two so others have a comfortable place to sit and keep you company. If you have memories of an old auto repair shop, they probably include barstool seating, which is easy to keep clean and reupholster when needed.


Child’s Room Companion


chase bar stool

A classic stool as this Chase barstool can e used inside or outside.


A kid’s bedroom is another place where a new set of barstools is sure to be a welcome addition. We have one client who was shopping for barstools for her son’s bedroom because she replaced a traditional desk with a counter affixed to the wall. This made a perfect place for the boy and his friends to play video games side by side.


If you haven’t thought about where you could use a set of new barstools, we hope this article got you imagining the perfect places in your home.

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