11 Mar

Tips for Getting the Most from Custom Wood Dining Tables

Is it worth it to buy custom-made dining tables? There are plenty of reasons why you might want the ability to create a dining room table to your exact specifications, depending on the size and shape of your room and the way you entertain. But it is important to pay careful attention to the details and ensure that custom wood dining tables are a perfect fit for your home. Here are our tips for getting the most from a custom-made dining room table.


The Selection Advantage


Finish color is just one of the options available with Selection Advantage

At Casual Dining & Bar Stools, we call the ability to order custom wood dining tables the Selection Advantage. This means you can change every aspect of your dining furniture and truly make it your own. We offer several different species of wood, lots of finish colors, and even a live edge option. In addition, your dining room table can be customized with the shape, the size, the height, base or leg style and, of course, the chairs you wish to pair with the table. Many of our custom-made dining table models can even be ordered with a wood or glass tabletop – and there are several glass colors to choose from.


But where do you start when you have so many options? Here are a few pointers.


Decide on the Size


Many of our customers who order custom-made dining tables do so because they have an odd-shaped room or a very large area to furnish. By customizing the size and shape, you can order a dining room piece that fits into the available space like a glove.


Do remember that if your immediate family are the only ones using it on a regular basis, you probably don’t need to go too large with your custom wood table. A popular selection is an extendable table that can grow in size when you have additional family members or guests over for special occasions or holidays.


Where Will You Put It?


Going right along with the size of the table is the importance of measuring the space where it will reside. Careful measurements are always recommended. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily want to overfill the space, making it difficult for traffic to flow around the dining room table. Conversely, a small dining set with four chairs would look odd in a very large room.


A long, narrow dining room calls for a long table like this Barry wood dining table. Most standard dining room sets come with 6 or 8 chairs.


The configuration of the room is also an important consideration. An L-shaped room might require a bit of imaginative design. A long and narrow room is fairly easy to furnish, especially if you ensure the width doesn’t overtake the space between dining room chairs and the wall. A bump out wall of rounded shape necessitates a round dining table.


Does the Weight Matter?

Asher Wood and Glass Table Set

If this Asher Wood and Glass Table Set is your choice, you also get to select the wood finish and glass color.

With custom-made dining tables, the weight may be an issue if you have to move them or the dining room is multifunctional and occasionally needs to be rearranged. The heft of a wood dining room table means that it is well made and durable, but it also makes the piece difficult to relocate. If this is a consideration in your home, go with the smallest table you can get by with and make it extendable. Wood is still lighter than stone or glass, in most cases, but you could opt for a wood table with glass top if you prefer that look.


Custom-made dining tables are a treat to design and a pleasure to add to your home. What they offer in looks, shape and size options just can’t be equaled by a ready-made piece in a discount furniture store.

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