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New Ways to Use Dining Room China Cabinets

The china cabinet, a staple of formal dining rooms for decades, is getting a makeover. In today’s more relaxed and multifunctional homes, these traditionally dining room display-only pieces are being reimagined for new purposes. Here are some inspiring ideas to repurpose and restyle dining room china cabinets, breathing new life into this classic piece of furniture.


Displays Not Just for China


This Pioneer Extension Dining Set also has a matching hutch, which is perfect for dining room storage.


What are dining room china cabinets best at? With rows of shelving and glass front doors, they make the perfect vehicle for displaying treasured collections. Beyond merely showcasing a holiday dinner set, you can use the cabinet’s shelves and compartments to showcase unique collections, travel souvenirs, or treasured family heirlooms. Incorporate artwork, sculptures, or interesting plants alongside decorative objects for a visually intriguing display, much as you would with a bookcase.


You can take the display ability of dining room china cabinets even further. If yours doesn’t already have puck lights along the top, install battery-operated LED strip lights within the cabinet to highlight specific pieces or create a soft, ambient glow.


A Workstation in Disguise


dover dining room buffet

Feel free to add a console to your dining room, such as this Dover Buffet, to mix up the styles in the room.


If you don’t have a set of dinnerware or serving pieces to display, think of the china cabinet or dining room hutch as a piece to anchor your work from home space. Transform it into a discreet home office workstation. Remove some shelves or glass doors to create room for a laptop, desktop computer or printer. Utilize the drawers and cabinets for office supplies and paperwork.


If the dining room china cabinet has double doors, consider adding a pullout drawer or fold-down desk surface that unfolds to a workspace when needed. This creates a designated “desk” that can be neatly concealed behind closed doors.


Beverage Center



If you love to entertain, a dining room hutch can function as a home bar. Store glassware, cocktail shakers, and spirits – especially those that come in decorative carafes – on the shelves. Display modern barware, coasters, or artwork for a touch of personality. Drawers are the perfect place to stow cocktail napkins, utensils and more.


If coffee is your drink of choice, the dining room china cabinet can easily be transformed into a coffee station worthy of your local java hangout. House your coffee maker, grinder, and favorite mugs on the shelves. Store coffee beans, filters, and other supplies in the drawers.


Corral the Clutter


This Miller 3-Door Dining Cabinet has low drawers that make them easily accessible for youngsters.


If you have young children, dining room china cabinets can be transformed into a functional toy storage unit. Utilize baskets or bins on the shelves to store toys, games, books, and stuffed animals.


Display children’s artwork on the shelves or use a corkboard backing for a constantly changing gallery. Store art supplies like paints, crayons, and construction paper in the drawers. The cabinet fronts are ideal for taping up finished pieces or artwork for inspiration.


By thinking outside the box, you can give your china cabinet or dining room hutch a new lease on life. And when you are ready to explore the possibilities, looking for dining room furniture San Diego residents would love to own starts right here at Casual Dining and Barstools.

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