12 Feb

How to Select the Perfect Dining Table Set

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With all the options to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect dining table set for your home, one that checks all the boxes as far as style, size, shape, finish and more. Your perfect dining table set should also be one that is sturdily constructed; this is an investment that should last for decades so it pays to do your homework and carefully select one that you will love for the long run. Consider these suggestions when shopping for your new forever dining set.


Fit the Dining Set to Your Space


Although you may not always be in the same size home, the number one most important feature to consider is how the dining set fits int0 your space. If you have a dedicated dining room or space, size is fairly easy to determine simply by measuring the length and width. In order to provide enough space for diners to easily get in and out of their chairs, add about 3 feet per side to the size of your dining table to ensure it fits.


Miguel round wood dining table

This contemporary round solid wood table fits perfectly in a small space.


Another way to fit your perfect dining table set into your space is to consider the shape. A boxy, square room might look better with a round dining table and chairs rather than a rectangular set. If you are dealing with an open dining area, you can really choose from any shape. Square or rectangular tables can be angled in a corner. A long, oblong dining table is a good choice if you wish to marry the dining area with the adjacent space.


trestle table dining bench

A dining table with a bench allows maximum space in your room when not in use.

Consider the overall size, as well. You don’t want to put a big, heavy dining set in a small space as it will overwhelm it; a trestle table with the ability to stow benches beneath or a pub height table with stools are two better options.


Choose the Table Material


Wood or glass? What do you prefer as the material that tops your table? There are definitely pros and cons to each, but in the end it really comes down to your sense of style.


This contemporary glass topped dining table looks light and airy in any room.


Glass tabletops are often used in contemporary style dining sets. They also allow light to flow through, which can help a small dining area appear bigger. They do make fingerprints and spills to more visible, however.


perfect dining table set

This extendable table features a solid wood top in a gorgeous dark finish.


A table with solid wood top is a timeless classic. Available in many different finish colors, a wood dining table brings warmth and richness to any dining room. Although today’s wood dining tables are protected by a durable topcoat, you will want to be careful about placing hot items on it or using tableware that might scratch the beautiful finish.

The dining table base is another consideration. The choices are nearly limitless, and many of our dining tables allow you to choose from several options to customize the look to your preference. From pedestal style to metal color, to leg style and wood finish color, our Selection Advantage allows you to pick the perfect dining table set for your home.


Make Sure It’s High Quality


quality solid wood dining set

Quality details should be evident in your perfect dining table set.

Your perfect dining table set should also be well-built and durable. Look it over carefully; a solid wood dining set will show its sturdy construction in the joinery where the table’s base and top fit together. It will also be heavy and feel solid. The beauty of solid wood dining set is reflected in its gorgeous finish and the lack of separation at table corners and between chair joints.

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to finding the perfect dining table set for your home. With all the features to think about and gorgeous styles from which to choose, this can be a daunting task. At Casual Dining and Bar Stools, we can help you decide – just pay our showrom a visit to go over the possibilities.

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