20 Dec

How to Create a Stylish Home Bar

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Tis the season for hosting parties. And what party would be complete without a dedicated space for crafting cocktails? A home bar is a place where you can create party magic all year round, no matter the season. So why not splurge a bit and make it a place to remember? Here are our tips to help you create a stylish home bar sure to impress your guests.


It All Starts with the Bar


Before you can create a stylish home bar, you must start with the bar itself. Take into consideration the amount of space you have available as well as the dimensions of your room. Most homeowners will tuck a home bar into a corner of the living room or dining room. You will want to ensure that there is plenty of room to walk by and around the bar, taking into account people sitting on barstools (if you add seating).


Contemporary home bars often storage space for glassware and bottles.


A fully functional home bar will include plenty of storage space. Typically, there is a shelf made for storing bottles of liquor, slots to slip wineglasses under the top of the bar, and sometimes drawers for stowing handy supplies such as swizzle sticks, napkins, and bar accessories.



A piece such as the Atlas Metal and Glass Pivoting Bar is even more functional since the bar itself moves to an appropriate position, as needed.


Comfortable Seating


If you want guests to stay and mingle around the bar, be sure there are at least two to three barstools set up in front of the bar or close by. Make sure the stools match the style of the bar. A great choice of stools for a piece like the Atlas bar pictured in the previous section would be these metal Archer Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools. They feature beautiful contemporary styling plus full motion and a foot rail.


No matter the type of barstools you choose, be sure that they offer good back support and a rail for resting the feet. Think of your favorite place to enjoy an adult beverage. Chances are the place sports lots of comfortable stools that encourage good conversation amid great company. Your job is to recreate that same casual atmosphere with a stylish home bar.


A Stylish Home Bar is in the Details


When your goal is to create a stylish home bar, don’t forget about the seemingly small details that will make a big difference. Consider setting off your bar with a special wall treatment, such as bricks or wallpaper. This clearly delineates the space from the adjoining room. Lighting is important, too. You will want to keep it soft and low – no glaring, bare overhead bulbs. If you have pretty and decorative glassware, consider displaying it on the bar instead of hiding it in the storage area. The same holds true for liquor bottles. Some bottles are just too attractive to be stowed away. Instead, place a handful of them on a mirrored tray where guests can easily help themselves.


Chances are you will love entertaining even more when you create a stylish home bar. You could become the neighborhood’s best known mixologist and show off your skill crafting cocktails. It all starts with a beautiful home bar and a set of comfortable barstools.

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