11 Aug

Guide to Best Barstools for Entertaining Part II

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In this article we continue our guide to the best bar stools for entertaining, covering topics such as material, style, comfort and support. If you missed the first article in this short series, we invite you to read it now and find information about additional features in your quest to find the best barstools for entertaining.


What Are They Made From?


Modern bar stools are available in a variety of different materials but the most common are metal and wood, many of them with leather accents and fabric upholstery. Each of them has their own advantages.


This metal Austin barstool is styled with contemporary features.


For instance, metal is quite durable and easy to clean. It is a great choice for contemporary or industrial styled homes.


This Thomas wood barstool is traditionally styled.


Wood, on the other hand, is a warmer material and is right at home in a traditional or transitional styled room. Wood requires additional care, such as regular polishing and conditioning and the occasional refinishing, but it is a timeless material.


Upholstery Options


Your choices for barstool upholstery are fabric, leather and faux leather.


This Emmett bar stool in gold finish features fabric upholstery.


Fabric is available in lots of different colors and patterns, which makes it easier to match the bar stools with other pieces in the room. However, it requires extra care to keep it clean, such as wiping off spills immediately and occasionally steam cleaning the upholstery to bring it back to its original color.


This Miles swivel leather barstool is handsome and easy to keep clean.


Leather and faux leather are the simplest to keep clean, an important consideration if you have children. Over time, faux leather begins to degrade and may need to be replaced. As long as you keep real leather upholstery conditioned and clean, it should last for many, many years.


Your Home’s Style


Keep your barstools neutral if you like to change styles and colors in your home often.


As mentioned above, your home décor style is an important consideration when selecting the best bar stools for entertaining. The right bar stool can add a splash of color to minimalist or contemporary design while a heavy, wood model with understated upholstery and hefty arms is a great addition to more traditional home designs. If you like to change styles and colors in your home often, opt for bar stools that are neutral in color and do not stand out from other design elements but do be sure they are comfortable enough to keep for a long time.


Speaking of Comfort…


These Adam barstools feature industrial design.


Many of today’s best bar stools for entertaining are designed with sleek lines and no seat padding. They make look great in a kitchen or dining area, but they are not comfortable for sitting for extended periods of time. That may be fine for occasional entertaining but if you also use a counter or island for projects, office work or homework, you may want to opt for models with deeply cushioned seats and backs.


Eleanor counter height bar stools

Add counter height barstools to your kitchen for additional seating. These feature cushioned upholstery and high backs for ultimate comfort.


Another feature that adds comfort to the best bar stools for entertaining is the addition of a back. That extra support is just as essential as seat padding when it comes to a cozy, luxurious place to sit for long hours. The higher the back, the more support it provides although it does make the bar stool harder to get in and out of; if you prefer a higher back be sure the barstool swivels and allow for a bit of extra elbow space between.


We hope you have enjoyed this short series with tips for finding the best bar stools for entertaining. We invite you to browse through our wide selection. online and find the perfect stools for your home

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