22 Oct

6 Tips for Buying the Most Comfortable Bar Stools

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You may be shopping for barstools and considering first how they will look and fit in your home. But there’s another factor to think about before you peruse our website or visit our showroom: comfort. After all, who wants to sit and chat, eat or drink in an uncomfortable seat? Keep this in mind while reading through our list of six tips for buying the most comfortable counter and bar stools.


  1. Choose Padded Seats

This metal Austin barstool is a contemporary style that features a padded seat.


This is the number one most important feature when shopping for the most comfortable counter and bar stools. A padded seat, as opposed to a wood or metal seat with no pad, is the softest surface for sitting.


However, even if the counter or bar stools you love the most do not come with comfortable padded seats, it is easy to add cushions. The advantage is that you can take the cushions off and wash them as needed. The disadvantage is that they tend to slip around on the seat.


  1. Deep or Shallow Seats? It All Depends

This Grayson memory swivel stool features a deep seat perfect for taller people.


This feature is one that you need to choose depending on the size of you and your family. For taller people, a deep seat is the most comfortable as it doesn’t hit their legs mid-thigh. For smaller people, a shallow seat makes it easier for them to touch the footrest without having their feet dangle in the air and it offers better support for their legs.


  1. Be Wary of Bar Stool Width

wyatt II swivel barstool

This Wyatt II Swivel Bar Stool has a wider seat than most.


Here is another feature of the most comfortable counter and bar stools that is dependent on the size of the person sitting in it: the width. For larger or taller people, a wider stool is the best option as it gives them ample room. Wide barstools tend to be bigger overall, so be sure you have enough space to accommodate the required number of stools.


  1. Bar Stools with Backs Have Your Back

For comfort, bar stools with backs, especially a curved one like this Luke Swivel Bar Stool, are best.


When it comes to the most comfortable counter and bar stools, those with backs win out over backless stools hands down. They offer more overall support than a backless model. Bar stools with backs also encourage better posture, which allows those seated to be comfortable longer. If you wish to invite guests over, offering them barstools with backs will certainly allow them to stay and relax longer in comfort.


  1. For Even More Comfort, Look for Padded Backs

A padded seat and a padded back, such as on this Austin Swivel Barstool, are most comfortable.


For an extra comfortable bar stool, choose one with both a padded seat and a padded back. Metal or wood stools are fine but leaning back against that hard surface can get tiresome over time. A plush back eliminates the sensation of spine against stiff support, allowing a sitter to lean into the padding for a softer feel.


  1. Bar Stools with Arms are Even More Supportive

Jaxon barstool

This Jaxon barstool is a great choice when accommodating larger people and the padded back, seat and arms make it supremely comfortable.


Finally, as opposed to armless barstools, those with arms are a more comfortable choice. This is especially true if the stools are not set up in front of a table or other surface to place one’s elbows. Bar stools with arms invite you and your guests to sit back and relax with forearms resting comfortably.


Do be aware that the most comfortable counter and bar stools with arms are wider than other models so you may need additional space to incorporate the appropriate number of seats in your room.


Before you go shopping, keep in mind these six tips for buying the most comfortable bar stools for your home.

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