There are many styles of décor available for today’s home but one that we find perennially popular is mid century modern. Known for its clean lines and futuristic look, this style can be found in architectural elements of homes across the country. And most homeowners like to take those design elements from the exterior and […]

No doubt you know that kitchen islands are very popular and found in most modern homes. But did you realize that some homeowners are actually ditching their dining table and opting, instead, for island dining and seating only? This may not work for every family and every home, but if you have considered making the […]

When it comes to furnishing your dining room, there are plenty of options for seating. You can choose armchairs, benches, banquettes, or bar stools. But you have ever stopped to wonder about where these various forms of seating came from and what made them so popular that they’ve been around for centuries? In this article […]

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