21 Oct

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Bar Stool

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Bar stools are a great way to add seating in your kitchen, dining room, outdoor living area, garage, rec room or home bar. They are often the best choice for space-saving design and a must for counter or pub height tables. They come in an array of different sizes, styles, colors and options for frame material, upholstery, and much more. With all that variety, shopping can be overwhelming. That’s why we are providing you with this short guide to choosing the best bar stool for your home.


How High Should They Be?


swivel high back stool

These Sarah Swivel Metal Bar Stools are counter height.


A very important factor in choosing the best bar stool is the height. There is a subtle difference between counter height (between 34 – 36 inches high) and pub or bar height (between 40 – 42 inches off the ground) tables so be sure you know what category your table belongs in. You want your legs to be comfortably bent when you take a seat, so this is an essential consideration.


Barstool Comfort



swivel bar stool with arms

Winston swivel barstools feature arms and footrests which are comfortable but add to the width of the stool.


Another thing to consider when choosing the best bar stool is comfort. Modern barstools are often bereft of arms and backs. While this makes them look sophisticated, they are not the most comfortable choice. If comfort is top of mind for you, select a model with upholstered seat, arms, foot rail and a backrest of appropriate height. For family members of varying sizes, you may want to be sure the barstools you choose are adjustable.


Style Options


These Nova swivel bar stools are comfortable and contemporary.


Today’s bar stools come in a wide variety of styles, everything from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. Try to match the style of your barstools to the existing décor in your home. If you want them to stand out, choose upholstery fabric in a bright or contrasting color. Keeping the material the same, such as matching a wood table with wood stools, is a good rule of thumb to make them resemble a matching set.


Functionality and Features


These Adam barstools feature industrial design. Their backless and armless design means they can easily slip in next to other stools or seats.


Finally, choosing the best bar stool depends on how and where you will be using it. For instance, if you have young children, you will want to ensure the stools have a sturdy base so they won’t topple over and are made from easy-to-clean materials, such as aluminum and vinyl. If you will be using a bar stool at a counter height table for business or homework, it should offer plenty of support and comfort. Outdoor barstools need to stand up to the weather. Be sure barstools that will be used by teens can have soda spills easily wiped up.


Today’s bar tools often feature additional functionality, such as a storage compartment. Some even transform into a stepstool. If space is at a premium in your home, look for multi-functional seating.


Choosing the best bar stool is really a matter of deciding how and where you will use it. Take your time and review the available options before making a decision. Height, comfort, style, and features are all factors that will help you find the perfect model.

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