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Wood vs Glass What is the Best Dining Table

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What your dining table is made from is just as important as its style. While there are many materials available today, the perennial favorites are wood or glass dining tables. But which is a better choice for your home? In this article, we ask the question: when it comes to wood vs glass, what is the best dining table?


Pros of Glass Dining Tables


This contemporary glass topped dining table looks light and airy in any room.


Let’s start with glass. A glass tabletop can bring brightness to the dining room as it lets light to flow through the space, particularly if there is a nearby window open to the sun. Visually, glass allows the eye to see the entire room, making it appear bigger since it doesn’t block any of the other furniture. It is a great choice for a small or dark dining room.


Glass is most often used in contemporary design. After all, contemporary furniture is known for its clean lines and lack of fussy details.


What makes glass the best dining table for some homeowners is that it is easy to clean. A damp cloth or paper towel is all that is needed to wipe off superficial dirt. To sanitize and clean away food bits, a few sprays of a commercial glass cleaner will do the trick.


Cons of Glass Dining Tables


Although glass topped tables can be extendable, there are some restrictions to size.


While glass tabletops are low maintenance, they also need to be cleaned more often. All it takes is one diner placing a hand on the surface and glass looks dirty. If not using the right cleaner, it can also get smudged or foggy.


While the glass used in dining tables is sturdy, it is still more fragile than wood. It can become scratched and chipped and the only way to make it look good again would be to replace the glass. Even though hot dishes aren’t likely to damage a glass tabletop, care should be taken when sliding dishes across the surface.


Glass tabletop corners can be sharp. If you have young children in the house, be sure the edges are rounded or surrounded by a softer material.


Pros of Wood Dining Tables


Brooks Extension Wood Table Set

With the Brooks Extension Wood Table Set, you get a choice between several different table shapes.


Is the best dining table made from wood? Many would agree that it is. Wood dining tables have been around for centuries, with good reason. Wood is durable and gives a sense of warmth to the dining room. Although you may imagine wood tables are often traditionally styled, today they are available in any shape, size or design, from contemporary to classic.


Although wood tables are prone to scratches, this is easily fixed with a bit of touchup finish. Given the proper care, wood dining tables can last for many years, making them a good investment.


Cons of Wood Dining Tables



Because the finish of wood dining tables can be marred by hot dishes and moisture, tablecloths, placemats, and coasters are necessary to keep them looking good. A regular application of furniture polish or wax is necessary to keep the wood from drying out.


Solid hardwood dining tables are usually heavier than their glass counterparts, making them difficult to rearrange. Wood dining tables can also make a room appear dark and heavy.


This Amelia wood and glass dining table combines both materials in a gorgeous style.


So, in the debate of wood vs glass, what is the best dining table for your home? It largely depends on your lifestyle and personal taste. Then again you can always choose a primarily wood or glass dining table that includes both materials.

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