25 Sep

What Are the Best Chairs for Your Dining Table?

Do you already own the ideal dining table? Or perhaps you’re searching for a completely new dining room set? Either way, while the table is an important piece, knowing how to choose the best chairs for your dining table is just as important if not more so. Here are a few things to ask yourself as you go in search of the best chairs for your dining table, whether you decide on a matching set or go with mismatched seats for the table.


How Many People Are You Seating?


Most standard dining room sets come with 6 or 8 chairs.


Most dining room sets come complete with six or eight chairs, as this is the industry standard. But is this the right choice for you? If you have a gorgeous and elegantly furnished dining room, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm it with too many seats. Make sure you have enough dining chairs to accommodate all your family members and then perhaps add a couple more that can be stowed away until needed for entertaining.


Where Is Your Dining Table Located?


Kitchen dining requires different chairs than a separate dining room, such as these comfy Austin barstools.


Another factor that influences how to choose the best chairs for your dining table is where the set is located. If you have a separate dining room, this allows for more chairs without the space looking overstuffed. If your family regularly gathers in the kitchen to eat, you may want to opt for barstools fronting an island. Then again, if your dining space is in a large, open area, the best choice will be slender chairs with lots of open areas to let the light shine through and draw the eye to the room’s limits. The style of your dining set should also match other pieces, such as the sofa, recliners, tables, etc.


Do You Use More Than One Room for Dining?


A formal dining room looks great with a variety of different seating choices.


Many homeowners have a formal dining room in addition to an eat-in kitchen. If you are furnishing more than one space, the best chairs for your dining table may be a more formal style for the dining room and casual seating for the kitchen. The former is more conducive to luxury fabric upholstery while the latter performs better with informal seating made for comfort and conversations.


What’s Your Table Shape?


juliette round wood dining table

This Juliette Round wood table set is an excellent example of today’s beautiful designs. The wood and upholstery colors are classic and inviting. The round shape can accommodate more diners.


The shape of your dining table greatly influences the type of chairs that will best fit around it. With a round dining table, you have more flexibility regarding the size, width and back height of the chairs. A rectangular design limits the number of chairs that fit comfortably around it; a dining bench or two may be a good choice to seat additional diners, when necessary.


Does Everything Have to Match?


Dining chairs do not have to match the table, but they do need to fit the space and the table.


While there are plenty of dining room sets that can be customized with the style and number of dining room chairs made from the same table material, you may want to think outside the design box. Who says the best chairs for your dining table must match exactly? Eclectic design is all the rage and depends on unexpected touches that bring a diverse sense of style to the room. This is especially true if you are shopping for dining chairs to go with a family heirloom table.


What are the best chairs for your dining table? Ask yourself these questions and browse through our large online collection of dining seating to get an idea of the design possibilities for your dining room.

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